AWS Summit 2015: Zalando Keynote

Zalando's VP Engineering tells the AWS Summit crowd how we're using AWS.

photo of Lauri Apple
Lauri Apple

Tech Evangelist

Posted on Jul 07, 2015

Last week Zalando VP Engineering Eric Bowman was one of the featured speakers at last week's AWS Summit in Berlin: a full day of talks, hands-on labs, orange swag (we felt right at home!) and networking opportunities hosted by AWS. Eric was part of the keynote by Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels, who invited industry leaders to describe how cloud computing has transformed business. Eric took the opportunity to tell the (huge!) audience of technologists about Zalando's adoption of AWS and our open source STUPS, which provides a convenient and audit-compliant Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for multiple autonomous teams on top of AWS. Some choice quotes from Eric:

  • "The best people want to work in an autonomous way."
  • We really give our teams a lot of space and time to learn not only how to use AWS, but also to learn how to build complex distributed applications that have massive throughput, high performance, high availability."
  • "We think of teams as a unit of trust ... we've tried to create the context where people can make mistakes and it's not fatal."

And here are Eric's slides:

AWS Summit Berlin 2015 Zalando Keynote from Eric Bowman

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