So, You've Heard About "Radical Agility"... (Video)

The day Zalando Tech officially became Radical.

photo of Lauri Apple
Lauri Apple

Tech Evangelist

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

If you've recently met one of us at a conference, attended one of our meetups, or checked out some of the other posts on this tech blog, you're likely to recognize the term "Radical Agility." Directly inspired by Daniel Pink's Drive, Radical Agility is Zalando Tech's approach to running a technology organization—an approach based on the three pillars of autonomy,mastery and purpose. It marks a pretty serious shift for Zalando Tech, and its adoption presented some interesting challenges. For example, how do you inspire your team of 800+ people, spread across several locations, that they're suddenly empowered to create, experiment, make decisions, learn, fail, and repeat the process, at a higher level than they've ever known at Zalando or (most likely) anywhere else they've worked?

Well, you have to GO BIG. For Zalando, that meant taking over one of Berlin's iconic dance clubs, filling it with said 800+ technologists, and putting Radical Agility front and center onstage. Check out this newly released video to see what it was like:

Nearly five months in, and Radical Agility is well underway. Each day brings new realizations, a new insights, new opportunities, and plenty of excitement about what the future can bring. Want to join us on our journey? Check out our opportunities and take the first step!