A Zalando Tops “Most Read Data Science Articles” List

A Zalando Delivery Lead’s post comes in at #1!

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Hayley Baldwin

Zalando Technology

This week the blog/e-newsletter Data Science Weekly released their list of the “Most Read Data Science Articles of 2015.” We were pretty excited to see that our very own Mikio Braun topped the list with his article, “Three Things About Data Science You Won’t Find In the Books.”

Mikio joined Zalando in August 2015 as a Delivery Lead, Recommender Systems & Search. His post offers candid and easy-to-understand insights on approaching Data Science that apply to both a beginners and experienced audience.

“Having lots of data by itself does not mean that you really need all the data,” he writes. “The question is much more about the complexity of the underlying learning problem. If the problem can be solved by a simple model, you don’t need that much data to infer the parameters of your model.”

You can read Mikio’s full article here.

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