Order Processing at Scale with Camunda (Slides)

Learn more about how Zalando's using the Camunda engine.

Posted on Sep 23, 2015

Last week my colleague I presented at Camunda Community Day: An all-day event highlighting the latest developments in the Camunda BPM Network (BPMN) engine. This wasn't my first talk at Camunda: In March, some of my colleagues and I presented our prototype for running Camunda on Cassandra. This time around, I focused on how we've been using Camunda to implement our sales order process within our evolving microservice architecture.

Running the process engine at Zalando's scale has brought some challenges. But BPMN allows a clearly documented process that is easy to understand for both product specialists and developers, and is never out of sync with our actual running code. I talked about how we integrated the process engine into our highly available system, how we customized it to increase performance, and what our deployment and architecture looks like. Learn more about our work with Camunda via this brand-new case study. Then check out my slides below:

Order Processing at Scale: Zalando at Camunda Community Day from Zalando Tech

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