Watch the Fireside Chats from Our Helsinki Office Opening

Why did Zalando go north? Watch the videos to find out.

photo of Hayley Baldwin
Hayley Baldwin

Zalando Technology

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

"[Zalando] made the decision to become a platform company: to move away from being a monolithic retailer … to connect people with fashion overall … and to build this platform, tech is the key." - Zalando Head of Tech Expansion, Marc Lamik

We’ve told you about the recent opening of Zalando’s Helsinki tech hub—and now we have the video to show you exactly what it was like!

Here is Zalando Head of Tech Expansion Marc Lamik and Helsinki Business Hub Deputy CEO Micah Gland discussing the products our newest tech team will build, our Mobile First approach, and our plans for engaging with the local tech community. When asked if we’ll focus on hiring locally, Marc responded:

“We are open for Berlin, we have 50 nationalities working on our tech team, and I think this is really great and makes for a really diverse team."

In the second chat, Zalando VP of Engineering Eric Bowman and Product Owner Daniel Schneider spoke about our Radical Agility approach, and what Zalando offers engineers as a tech employer.

To describe the approach, Eric explained:

“[Radical Agility] gives teams a lot freedom and a lot of autonomy to choose how they want to work, what tools they want to use, what programing languages … we really try and hire great people and let them tell us we should do it, instead of deciding beforehand.”

On Radical Agility’s emphasis on autonomy, Eric told the crowd: "We focus really carefully on identifying teams and building a team culture. Teams don't actually have team leads. [W]e invest a lot in teaching teams how to self- organize and how to make decisions together. So all decisions are peer-reviewed … as a result, there is very little hierarchy."

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