Read About Zalando UX in Smashing Magazine

To attract motivated designers and user researchers, keep your eye on the why.

Posted on Nov 27, 2015

"Modern motivational psychology says that employees in the knowledge economy are motivated not by carrots and sticks but by purpose, not by tasks but by mastery. Similarly, Simon Sinek, author of the bestseller Start With Why, argues that the problem with typical job ads is that they skip over the purpose: 'They are all about the what, and not the why.'"

That's an excerpt from " How To Write Inspiring Job Descriptions For UX" — a piece recently written by Zalando UX Talent Lead Jay Kaufmann for Smashing Magazine, the leading portal for web designers and developers. Jay draws upon his years of experience hiring UX professionals to provide tips and tricks for successfully advertising your UX-related job openings. To truly speak to designers, he writes, it's necessary to write in a way that shows your understanding of how designers think.

Designers don't just want a job, Jay reiterates, but a quest: "a great experience in improving other people’s experiences." Designers, he adds, "want to take on a mission that aligns with their own values." Read the full article here.