Video: “Scala Microservices at Zalando”

A Zalando delivery lead describes his team's work with Scala.

photo of Lauri Apple
Lauri Apple

Tech Evangelist

Posted on Dec 02, 2015

Zalando technologists have been using Scala in production since 2014, when we began transforming our monolithic architecture into microservices. Much of our Scala development is done by the engineers in our Brand Solutions department, which builds products and services to support Zalando’s brand-partners. At the October meetup of SF Scala, the primary Scala meetup group in San Francisco, Brand Solutions Delivery Lead Alexander Kops gave a brief talk describing his teams’ ongoing Scala efforts. These include development of analytics tools and the creation of Play-Swagger, an open-source collaboration with Typesafe Tech Lead James Roper:

Update: Here are the slides from Alex's latest version of the talk, delivered for the Zurich and Bern JUGs in November 2015:

Zalando Tech: From Java to Scala in Less Than Three Months from Zalando Tech

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