Oh Appy Day!

The revamp of our fashion store app is ready to install.

Posted on Jan 26, 2016

Mobile commerce is dominating globally. Earlier last year, Ecommerce news wrote that during 2015 it was expected that Europeans would spend around 45 billion euros via mobile devices, which was an increase of 88.7 percent from 2014. This merely shows how important it is for companies to develop a strong mobile strategy.

We are dedicated to be a mobile first company, which is why we are constantly striving to create the best apps in a very competitive market. Over the last quarter of 201​5​, our Zalando Apps Team has been revamping the official fashion store app to provide customers with a more mobile driven product.

The updated version is available now on both Android and iOS. The app now includes dedicated mobile-only content such as videos, trending editorial features and scrollable lookbooks for a richer experience that does not just focus on products, but also content that is relevant to the customer’s journey.

Head of Mobile Product and Engineering at Zalando, Nuzhat Naweed, said that: “The update focuses around two things; great experience and quality content. We want our customers to be inspired and discover all that Zalando has to offer, as well as immersing themselves in the content that has been solely created for the app.”

Make sure that you update or download the app today on the App Store and Google Play. Next month we’ll be featuring a deep dive into the Zalando Mobile Team looking at how they built the app for 15 markets over the last quarter. Stay tuned for more.

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