Radical Agility – One Year On

One year on, what does Radical Agility mean to the team at Zalando Tech?

photo of Eric Bowman
Eric Bowman

VP of Engineering

Posted on Apr 06, 2016

You may have heard about our cutting-edge approach to the way we work at Zalando Tech – it’s called Radical Agility. It’s been one year since we put it all in motion and set the foundation for what we want to achieve as a tech company. With Zalando being a platform, we’re growing fast in terms of ambition and scope, so we’re managing our complexity through our people, products, and teams. By utilising Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose, we want to strengthen our position as the most fashionable tech company in Europe – so how are we doing so far?

Find out what our employees think about Radical Agility and what it means to them below. Are we living up to our Tech Constitution? Have we provided our people with the tools, the vision, and the environment to do their best work? Are we delivering great things? Check out how our journey is progressing right here.