Zalando Tech are the new unicorns at Microservices Day

Check out how Zalando Tech made their mark at Microservices Day, London.

photo of Valentine Gogichashvili
Valentine Gogichashvili

Head of Data Engineering

photo of Fabian Wollert
Fabian Wollert

Business Intelligence Big Data Manager

Posted on May 26, 2016

On May 10th, Zalando was among the four technology unicorns that presented at Microservices Day London, along with RedHat, Uber, and AutoScout 24. Microservices Day is a one-day, single-track, non-profit event that focuses on the business benefits of utilising microservices.

Since we’ve begun moving our Fashion Store from a monolith to microservices, we wanted to share what Zalando has learned from the past year of digging deeper into data integration in a microservices-based environment.

We gave a complete overview of Saiki, Zalando’s scalable, cloud­-based data integration infrastructure, as well as its stream processing possibilities.

Want to know more? You can access our slide deck here, or watch the entire presentation below: