Zalando Techspert Series: How to foster an innovative culture

A Zalando-led initiative to encourage discussions about soft tech with leading organisations.

Posted on May 24, 2016

The Zalando Techspert Series: A Zalando-led initiative to encourage and initiate discussions about ‘softer’ tech topics such as, but not limited to, agility, tech culture, and Berlin as Europe’s most magnetic tech hub.

Why have we set this up? We want to spearhead the discussions that matter to tech companies and businesses of all sizes: How to recruit top talent, how to inspire innovation, and how to be leaders in a competitive digital market.

Every month, we’ll be holding a panel that features high-level executives from some of the world’s most exciting startups and organisations. Our inaugural event will see our VP of Engineering Eric Bowman joined by Sean Treadway ( Soundcloud), Valentin Stalf ( Number26), and Ulrich Schmitz ( Axel Springer).

Eric, Sean, Valentin, and Ulrich will be addressing the following question: How do we foster an innovative culture? At Zalando, our introduction of Radical Agility has highlighted the importance of good tech culture, so we think there’s more to it than free food and a kicker table. It’s about time we see if other influential companies feel the same.

Interested? Excited? We want you to be involved. Every series will take place at Zalando’s very own Innovation Lab, with refreshments provided for the debate. To attend, you can register at our Meetup Page, where you can also find more information about upcoming topics.

Join us for the conversations that matter around tech culture and Berlin’s thriving tech scene.