Scaling Our Tech Organization and Architecture

Zalando Tech likes to set itself big challenges – hear more about them with Dan Persa.

photo of Dan Persa
Dan Persa

Software Engineer

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Zalando Tech likes to set itself big challenges, like building the greatest tech team on Earth. With our tech department growing rapidly, the challenges of scaling our organization also need to be addressed, to make sure we’re building the best products and establishing a culture of innovation.

The term ‘scalability’ has different meanings when we talk about an organization or software architecture, but it’s still critical. The recent code.talks 2016 conference had a commerce theme, and we thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to explain how we’re scaling and organizing our growing tech company, while at the same time, switching to a new architecture.

In the talk below, I shared the recipe we have applied to scale our tech team to more than 1,000 people, while redesigning the architecture of our Online Fashion Shop -- Project Mosaic -- to make more than 18 million customers happier. I also shared Zalando Tech’s learnings and takeaways in order to become both more successful and more customer centric. Tune in below or access my presentation slides here.

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