Find out what challenges Customer Conversion solves at Zalando

We have spoken with our Director Customer Conversion, Pascal Hahn to find out more about their Product and to understand what the teams are looking for in the upcoming Hiring Sprint Event

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Posted on Feb 11, 2021

Pascal Hahn

When our Hiring Sprint kicks off next month, we will be looking for great professionals to join some of our stellar teams – Shopping Cart, Checkout, Sales Orders and Returns. All meaningful segments of our Customer Conversion organization, these teams are responsible for forging and shaping some of the most relevant experiences in Zalando customer journey. Skilled in innovating and versed in perfection, our Customer Conversion organization might become your next career step if you ace our Hiring Sprint.

To give you a better idea of what expects you here I have spoken with our Director Customer Conversion, Pascal Hahn, who has talked me through the priorities of his teams and has shared some advice for those who are keen to join it ;)

Pascal, could you introduce the major functions and priorities of your teams?

Customer Conversion is the organization that enables our 35M customers to shop on Zalando. We are split in two departments: the Purchase department that delivers experiences from Shopping cart to Order confirmation, and the Post Purchase department that is responsible for processing orders, sorting out order details, order history as well as return experiences. Each department delivers experiences end-to-end, from ideation, product inception and development to operating and scaling them. Our mission is to let customers buy their beloved pieces easily and effortlessly by providing seamless, convenient and reliable experiences throughout. The work we do is a broad mix of designing and building new capabilities, experimenting, expanding and extending existing experiences or improving scalability and operational posture overall.

"Solving something that matters" - what does it mean for the team? What does it mean for you personally?

There’s no e-commerce without people shopping; and to work on the experiences that Zalando customers across all 17 markets use when they shop for their next favorite piece is a great mission. Being part of delivering excellent shopping experiences is what makes working at Zalando very special for me.

What do you appreciate the most about the challenges you face in your job?

To have a shot at solving problems that affect millions of users, together with some of the industry’s brightest minds is a privilege. When I started here about a year ago, I didn't know much about the inner workings of retail, and ever since I haven’t had a single day at Zalando without learning something new. Going forward, I still feel like there’s so much to learn.

Pascal, could you give some advice to people who'd like to work in the Customer Conversion organization?

If you’re excited about innovating at the intersection of the physical and the digital; if you take pride in building and operating systems that “just work”; if you enjoy using state-of-the-art tech at scale – this is the right place for you to work at. Whether you choose to work on product innovations with our product management team, or join us as an engineer or engineering leader that owns, delivers and operates our experiences, or as a data scientist who works on detecting transactional risks that affect our overall business – we offer a number of roles and challenges.

What do you think is the main achievement of the teams in Customer Conversion of the past few years?

The COVID pandemic has posed many challenges to our customers, team members, teams and business. When some markets introduced severe lockdowns, we had to react quickly building new features with very short timelines. Keeping the Zalando Store open and coping with the increased scale while delivering new features to our customers continually has been no easy feat. In addition, all the while we were working from home and had to cope with our own personal difficulties brought on by the virus and the imposed restrictions.

For more details on how to participate in our 1st Hiring Sprint follow this Link!

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